Congressman David Scott Statement on Trump Administration's 2018 Budget Proposal


Today Congressman David Scott (D-GA) issued the statement below on President Trump's 2018 budget proposal:

"The President's budget plan is neither fiscally nor morally responsible. It seeks to balance our nation's budget on the backs of the poor, disabled, elderly, children, veterans, working families, and farmers of America.

"The Trump budget calls for shocking cuts of more than $800 billion from Medicaid; $193 billion from the SNAP food stamp program; $72.5 billion for programs for disabled people, including Social Security Disability Insurance; and $40 billion for earned income and child tax credits. These extreme and irresponsible cuts would devastate Georgians. 1.3 million children and 50,000 veterans in Georgia rely on Medicaid. 66,500 veterans in Georgia are on SNAP right now.

"The budget proposal would also eliminate subsidized student loans, end public service student loan forgiveness, gut HUD's budget for affordable housing, and slash the budgets of the CDC and NIH for HIV/AIDS and cancer research, public health preparedness and chronic disease prevention programs.

"We cannot turn our backs on the least of these in our country. And Congress must not let these draconian cuts happen. They are wrong for Georgia and wrong for America."