I Stand With Our Immigrant Communities


Date: May 3, 2017
Issues: Immigration

Dear Friend,

I recently traveled to the border region in New Mexico and met with community advocates, faith leaders, Dreamers, and families. I heard firsthand how the Trump Administration's fear-based immigration policies are tearing families apart and are out of touch with the realities of our vibrant border communities. As many New Mexicans marched in support of Immigrants Rights Day on Monday, I spoke out against hateful attacks, injustice, and discrimination.

I share the concern that students, hardworking families, friends, and neighbors in New Mexico's border communities have expressed to me about the harmful impacts of President Trump's immigration policies. I remain strongly opposed to funding a border wall and will not stand for discrimination or for policies that are contrary to our fundamental American values. Instead of focusing on divisive rhetoric and policies that stir fear in our communities, President Trump and Republicans in Congress should take steps to fix our nation's broken immigration system.

Today, and every day, I stand with the immigrant communities in New Mexico and across the nation to protect immigrant rights and send a strong message that we will not stand by as immigrants in our country are attacked and demonized.


United States Senator