Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Legislation Allowing Charitable Contributions to Be Collected on Public Streets, Roadways

Press Release

Date: July 27, 2017
Location: Lansing, MI

Charitable contributions can now be collected on public streets and roadways under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder.

"Our state's non-profit and charitable organizations do important work on behalf of Michiganders, and this law authorizes them to continue collecting the contributions that allow them to operate," Snyder said.

House Bill 4160, sponsored by state Rep. Shane Hernandez, allows an individual to solicit contributions on behalf of a charitable or civic organization during daylight hours on a public street or roadway, under certain conditions. The individual collecting donations must be at least 18 years old and wear highly-visible safety apparel. It is now Public Act 112 of 2017.

Snyder also signed five additional bills:

House Bills 4177 and 4178, sponsored by state Reps. Hank Vaupel and Edward Canfield, respectively, remove the requirement that ballots used in Michigan elections must display vignettes, which are small designs or portraits, representing each political party on the ballot. The measures are now Public Acts 113-114 of 2017.

House Bill 4306, sponsored by state Rep. Jim Tedder, increases fees associated with obtaining and renewing motorcycle endorsements and motorcycle registration fees. Revenue from the endorsement fees will be used increase motorcycle awareness to Michigan automobile drivers, and revenue from the registration increase will be used to increase rider education opportunities. It is now Public Act 115 of 2017.

Senate Bill 332, sponsored by state Sen. Tom Casperson, amends the Motor Carrier Safety Act to restore certain federal requirements on commercial drivers that apply to vehicles and employees of governmental units. These requirements would include overseeing physical qualifications for drivers and medical examinations. The bill also clarifies that federal provisions governing physical qualifications for drivers and medical examinations would not apply to firefighters. It is now Public Act 116 of 2017.

Senate Bill 474, sponsored by state Sen. Margaret O'Brien, amends the Land Division Act to add a section allowing that a plat of land that was recorded under Public Act 91 of 1839 would override an earlier plat in the occurrence of an overlap. It is now Public Act 117 of 2017.