Statement Of Senator Patrick Leahy On Developments Concerning North Korea


Date: Aug. 9, 2017
Issues: Foreign Affairs

There are no quick, surgical military solutions to the North Korea threat, and this is no time for reckless, provocative tweets. Millions of lives could be lost if mistakes are made. This is not something that will be solved by loud impulsive rhetoric issued from a golfing resort. This is a time for the President to bring in the military and congressional leadership as well as our intelligence agencies and give a clear response.

This is a global challenge and the response must be a collective one.

Kim Jong-un has always cared most about consolidating and protecting his power. The UN Security Council's unanimous imposition of sanctions against his regime should be used as leverage while we fully explore all diplomatic options, including direct talks without preconditions.

Our current and former military commanders -- like Secretary Mattis and General Dunford -- understand the importance of diplomacy in these instances, and the grave risks of a military response.

This is a time for the United States to act like the clear-eyed, resolute leader the world needs.