Titus Statement on Trump's Address to Congress


Date: Feb. 28, 2017
Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Dina Titus issued the following statement in response to President Trump's address to Congress this evening.

"Forty days into Donald Trump's presidency, our nation is on edge. Health care, immigrants, the LGBT community, and refugees all have targets on their backs. The administration's budget blueprint is a roadmap to disaster that will rob domestic programs and dismantle the EPA in order to increase military spending by $54 billion.

"Trump's speech tonight was an exercise in omission and leaves Americans with more questions than answers. The president failed to mention the efforts Democrats are supporting to investigate his potential ties to Russia and conflicts of interests. He left out of his speech that his budget proposal will likely gut funding for PBS, AmeriCorps, Violence Against Women grants, and foreign aid. He provided no concrete details for Americans on Medicaid, Medicare, and ACA exchanges, nor did he mention how his Justice Department has abandoned efforts to fight various forms of discrimination. He avoided remarking on how courts have reacted to his unlawful travel ban and how our nation's tourism industry has taken a hit thanks to his policies.

"Tonight, Trump delivered another hollow speech to the nation that was big on rhetoric and light on facts. Our nation deserves better from the president. Democrats will continue to fight back, speak out, and propose legislation that will ensure that all Americans are safe, healthy, and in a position to provide for their families. "