Rep. Hice Statement on Afghanistan


Date: Aug. 22, 2017
Location: Monroe, GA

Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) today issued the following statement regarding President Trump's strategy for Afghanistan:

"The President was very deliberate in reaching his decision on Afghanistan and considered a host of different options for moving forward," said Congressman Hice. "While his decision was not reached easily, it must be considered in the context of the previous policies which have failed. Most notably, when President Obama set an arbitrary timeline for withdrawing from Iraq, the coalitions we worked so hard to craft fell apart, setting the stage for ISIS and other terrorist organizations to fill the void. Simply put, we cannot repeat this legacy in Afghanistan."

"I am pleased that President Trump articulated a strategy rooted in taking the fight directly to the terrorists, lifting engagement restrictions which have for so long tied the hands of our troops in theater, and applying pressure to our partners in Afghanistan and Pakistan to more aggressively combat terrorists operating within their borders," Hice continued. "It is my hope that these policies will more effectively create the conditions necessary to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a staging ground for those who wish harm upon us. Now it is incumbent upon Congress to provide our brave men and women in uniform with the resources required to achieve that success."