CRAMER: Trump Is Living Up to His Promise to Protect Our Borders

Press Release

Date: Aug. 22, 2017
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Immigration

Congressman Kevin Cramer issued the following statement after President Donald Trump visited Yuma, Arizona today:

"Actions speak louder than words. Due to President Trump's commitment to renewing border security, apprehensions are down 46% in the short time since he took office. Indeed, we are a nation of immigrants, but unlike our previous commander and chief, President Trump is setting the record straight that all immigrants must come here legally -- the way our ancestors did. But, the President can't do this alone. We in the House of Representatives passed Kate's law, the No Sanctuary Cities for Criminals Act, and provided the full White House requested amount of $1.6 billion towards building the border wall. It's up to the Senate now to act and fulfill our promise to the American people."