Carson Statement on the Shooting in Las Vegas


Date: Oct. 2, 2017
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman André Carson (IN-07) released the following statement today on the shooting in Las Vegas:

"I join Americans and the world in mourning the victims of last night's shooting in Las Vegas. While I pray for their families during this incredibly difficult time, they deserve more than our "thoughts and prayers.' They, like all Americans, deserve to live in a country that values their lives enough to take decisive action to stop gun violence.

"Protecting our constitutional right to bear arms does not mean giving free rein to dangerous people to purchase the deadliest weapons on the market. We need to stop hiding behind the false narrative that enacting common sense gun policies somehow limits the rights of law abiding Americans. Every day that we fail to act puts more innocent lives at risk. It is long past time to fix our gun laws. Congress has a moral responsibility to act and address the daily tragedy of gun violence in our communities.

"Last week, Republicans planned to vote on a bill that would loosen gun laws, instead of strengthening them. In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas, and the ongoing tragedy of gun violence in America, this could not be more inappropriate. The American people deserve a vote on legislation that will curb gun violence, including reinstating an assault weapons ban and instituting new restrictions on gun trafficking."