Sullivan Supports Fy18 Budget Resolution, Lays Foundation for Tax Reform, Unlocking Alaska's Energy Potential


Date: Oct. 19, 2017
Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) released the following statement tonight after voting in support the FY18 Budget Resolution, which passed on a vote of 51-49.

"Today I was pleased to vote for a fiscally responsible budget that will curb out-of-control spending, protect Social Security, strengthen Medicare and bring robust economic growth to America, all without raising taxes on hardworking Alaskans," Senator Sullivan said. "Today's effort will begin the process of allowing hardworking Americans to keep more of their pay check."

Included in the bill are instructions to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to find $1 billion in additional revenues through increased resource development, including the 1002 Area of Alaska's North Slope.

"This resolution is another key step that we've recently accomplished in a decades long fight to allow Alaskans to produce energy in our state -- something that Alaskans, democrats, republicans, independents, overwhelmingly support," said Senator Sullivan. "More American energy production means more good-paying jobs, increased economic growth, and a stronger national security. More American energy production will also help to generate wealth, decrease our federal deficit, while fostering a more sustainable global environment. Because no one in the world produces energy more responsibly than Alaskans and Americans."