Rep. Takano Statement on the Start of Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period


Date: Nov. 1, 2017
Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) released the following statement on the first day of the open enrollment period, which is when Americans in California and across the country can begin purchasing health coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace established through the Affordable Care Act.

"Starting today, individuals, families, and small business owners in California and across the country can begin shopping for a health care plan that fits their needs and their budget. Because of our state's steadfast commitment to providing access quality care for all Californians, consumers will likely find that purchasing health insurance for 2018 is more affordable than they think.

"Roughly 9 in 10 Californians purchasing insurance through the individual marketplace -- known as Covered California -- are eligible for financial assistance. Due to the strength of California's insurance market, consumers in the individual market who did not receive subsidies will pay an average of $115 per month less than in 2017. I encourage all Californians to take the time to shop and compare plans to find a policy that works for them.

"The Affordable Care Act also ensures that nearly all plans sold to consumers include basic coverage for the health conditions we can plan for as well as those that we can't. Americans should never be one accident or one diagnosis away from financial ruin.

"Despite the Trump administration's attempts to undermine the law, the Affordable Care Act continues to expand the number of people who have access to the care they need. There is far too much misleading information being shared by the White House and those who have vested interest in breaking our health care system. I strongly urge Californians to visit and see for themselves that affordable health care insurance is within reach."