Supporting DACA

Floor Speech

Date: Sept. 28, 2017
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. Speaker, the decision to end DACA goes against the very core of our American values of the American Dream. The future of 800,000 young people who study, serve in our military, and contribute to our economy, and who serve and protect America is at risk.

DREAMers are understandably worried, anxious, depressed, petrified, and terrified about what will happen 6 months from now.

DREAMers like Juan in my district who was brought here at a young age is a medical student and wants nothing more than to be a doctor and save lives--even your life. For Juan and nearly 1 million DREAMers like him, we must act. That is why I have joined House and Senate leaders to demand a vote on the bipartisan Dream Act.

Mr. Speaker, put politics aside and bring the Dream Act to the floor for a vote as soon as possible.

Rather than ending the DACA program and tearing families apart, instead, let's work together toward comprehensive immigration reform that will secure our Nation's borders, keep our citizens safe, help our economy, and fix our immigration system.