Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation boosting investments in career tech education


Date: Nov. 2, 2017
Location: Lansing, MI

Nearly $3 million in additional funding for career tech education equipment upgrades and programming is now available under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder.

"Increasing investments in career tech education is critically important in bolstering our state's talented workforce and making Michigan a national leader in skilled trades training and education," Snyder said. "These investments are an important step forward in our work to prepare Michigan's students with the skills needed to fill the jobs and meet the demands of the 21st century workforce and economy."

Senate Bill 133, sponsored by state Sen. Dave Hildenbrand, provides supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year 2018 school aid budget. The bill increases investments in career tech education for equipment upgrades and programming, grants for students pursuing information technology education opportunities and Mechatronics programs. It is now Public Act 143 of 2017.

Snyder also signed six additional bills:

Senate Bills 264-265, sponsored by state Sen. Jim Stamas, modify the Firefighters Training Council Act to reflect changes to classifications and certifications as well as provide resources to help train firefighters. SB 264 amends the Firefighters Training Council Act to update position classifications and certifications required in order to meet the National Fire Protection Association's professional qualifications standards. SB 265 amends the Fireworks Safety Act to allow 100 percent of revenue collected from the Fireworks Safety Fund to be used for training firefighters. The measures are now Public Acts 144-145 of 2017.

SB 370, sponsored by state Sen. David Robertson, amends the Michigan Unarmed Combat Regulatory Act by reducing barriers to participating in unarmed combat sports, clarifying application requirements and providing a regulatory framework to ensure the health and safety of contestants. It is now PA 146 of 2017.

SB 402, sponsored by state Sen. Phil Pavlov, amends the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act to increase the overall amount of grant dollars a community can receive through the Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater (SAW) grant as well as the Strategic Public Health Risk Program (SPHRP) grant. The grants assist communities with costs associated with sewer-related infrastructure improvements. It is now Public Act 147 of 2017.

SB 450, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Shirkey, permits a board of trustees of a municipal health facilities corporation or a subsidiary board to restructure the corporation or subsidiary corporation as a nonprofit corporation, under certain conditions. These conditions include that the corporation or subsidiary corporation be located in a county with a population of more than 45,000 and less than 60,000 and that restructuring is completed before June 30, 2018. It is now PA 148 of 2017.

House Bill 4396, sponsored by state Rep. Joseph Bellino, amends the Income Tax Act to provide retired local government employees an increased income tax exemption if they were born after 1945 and retired as of Jan. 1, 2013. The provision applies only to those who were employed by an entity which was not covered by Social Security. It is now PA 149 of 2017.