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Tweet - "Until we see what the @SenateGOP's midnight rewrite looks like, let's go over what we know the #GOPTaxScam does so far: [thread]"

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Date: Nov. 30, 2017
Issues: Taxes

"Until we see what the @SenateGOP's midnight rewrite looks like, let's go over what we know the #GOPTaxScam does so far: [thread]

In my home state of New York and across the US, Americans will feel the repeal of the state and local deduction (SALT) which currently prevents double taxation.

The #GOPTaxBill opens up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -America's most pristine wilderness- to drilling, a move opposed by most Americans and by tribal leaders.

It benefits the highest earners, and will end up saddling many middle class families with a tax hike.

The #GOPTaxBill could RAISE taxes on millions of Americans ages 65 & older. cc:@AARPadvocates

Even with a proposed "fix" the #GOPTaxScam's repeal of the ACA's individual mandate is opposed by 12 major, national, patient advocacy groups because it puts affordable care in jeopardy: http://t.congressweb.com/l/?NFBLFFNDLVCXJKZ …

And -in case you missed it- the #GOPTaxScam will increase the deficit by roughly $1 TRILLION. That's not tax relief, that's a burden for many generations.

Who is the GOP trying to rush this terrible bill thru for? These religious leaders know it's sure not to help the poor around the holidays:

And it's not being rushed thru to help workers. In fact, @SenateGOP refused to accept a @SenSherrodBrown #ABetterDeal amendment to help companies keep & grow jobs in the USA - so much for #AmericaFirst

Make sure you know how your Senators are going to vote tomorrow on this bill. I will let NYers & everyone know what comes in the GOP's next secret draft, but it's your calls, emails, faxes, et al that make the difference, so please make your voices heard on this #GOPTaxScam"