Rush Statement on House Passage of Republican Tax Bill


Date: Dec. 20, 2017
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Taxes

U.S. Representative Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.), today released the following statement on the passage of the Republican tax bill:

"Today, with the passage of the GOP tax bill, Congressional Republicans sided with the wealthiest Americans and corporations. They intentionally left hardworking middle-class households footing the bill to enrich the wealthiest one percent."

"Republicans promised the American people a simpler, fairer tax code. Instead, this bill is more complex, filled with new loopholes, and makes income inequality worse."

"It's a sad day to see Congressional Republicans cheering for a bill that raises taxes on tens of millions of working- and middle-class households, increases health insurance premiums, and explodes the debt by nearly $2 trillion."

"Congressional Republicans will have to defend their vote for this immoral, irresponsible, and unfair bill and explain why they stood decisively with the wealthy and well-connected. I will continue to fight for the middle-class and look forward to the day when we enact real tax reform that benefits hardworking Americans."