Carson Statement on the Republican Tax Bill


Date: Dec. 19, 2017
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Taxes

Today, Congressman André Carson issued the following statement after House Republicans voted to advance a tax bill that will significantly harm the American middle class:

"Today, House Republicans passed their dangerous, deficit-exploding tax proposal.

"This bill was crafted during secret, partisan negotiations with not one Congressional hearing to look at its impacts. Additional loopholes were added just days before it was considered on the floor, giving Members little time to determine their impact. Despite this, it is evident that this bill will hurt working families, seniors, and all those who need a leg up in this economy.

"Under this bill, 83 percent of the tax breaks go to the top one percent of Americans while 86 million middle-class households will see a tax hike. That's more than half of America's middle-class. Corporations will see a massive permanent tax cut, which is more likely to line the pockets of executives and wealthy investors than create jobs. This bill will explode our country's deficit by more than $1.5 trillion, leaving future generations to pay for this gift to today's millionaires and billionaires. In addition, 13 million Americans will be kicked off their health insurance under this bill. Now, Republican leaders are eyeing Medicare and Medicaid cuts as their next big target to pay for part of the bill.

"Our country is in dire need of a modern tax code. But more than that, we need a tax code that supports those who work hard every day and still struggle to get by. We need to support small business owners who are creating jobs in our communities. This bill does the opposite, which is why I voted against it in the House."