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Rep. Issa To Vote "No" on Final Tax Bill


Date: Dec. 16, 2017
Issues: Taxes

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista) released the following statement on the final tax reform bill released today by the Conference Committee to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

"While the bill agreed to in conference today makes some improvements, unfortunately, the changes do not go far enough to guarantee tax relief for constituents in my district. Californians need tax relief now more than ever, especially as the tax factory in our State Capitol continues looking for ever increasing ways to take more of our hard-earned paychecks. Yet I still fear that, even in the revised proposal, many in my area could face higher taxes under this plan. Californians have entrusted me to fight for them. I will not vote to make the incredible tax burden they already endure even worse."

Congressman Issa has been leading the fight for California, earlier this week urging tax conferees to restore the full deductibility of the state and local income tax and to reverse changes to the deductions for victims of wildfires. Congressman Issa voted no on the tax bill when it first passed the House of Representatives, at the time, saying "I didn't come to Washington to raise taxes on my constituents and I do not plan to start today."