Bill Johnson Statement on President Trump's Infrastructure Plan


Date: Feb. 12, 2018
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Infrastructure

Congressman Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) released the following statement regarding President Trump's infrastructure plan:

"America is long overdue for an upgrade to our outdated, and in some cases crumbling infrastructure, which has been neglected for decades. I am heartened to see that a significant chunk of the money in the President's plan would be invested in rural America. Those of us in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio are well-aware of the many challenges we face with the condition of our bridges, roads, water systems, sewer systems, and limited access to broadband.

"Importantly, the President aims to speed environmental reviews. These reviews are important and should be done; however, they should be done efficiently, rather than impeding progress by dragging on for years and years. Washington should not be an obstacle to getting projects completed -- it should be a partner with the states.

"Congress must now work together to pass meaningful legislation. The Energy and Commerce Committee has been working hard on promoting broadband deployment to rural America and improving our energy infrastructure, and we've set an example for the rest of our colleagues. Many Democrats have acknowledged the need to work together to find a legislative solution to address our infrastructure problems - now they will have an opportunity to put actions to their words."