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Congresswoman Kelly's Statement on the President's Flip-Flopping on Gun Violence Prevention

Press Release

Date: March 12, 2018
Location: Matteson, IL

Congresswoman Kelly, vice chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, issued this statement on President Trump's late-night plan to arm teachers and school staff while recanting his support for lifesaving comprehensive gun violence prevention measures:

"Following the White House's two public meetings, I had hoped that this White House might show some leadership on preventing gun violence and saving lives. While the President's plan shows some glimmers of progress, it's a drip to the 5-alarm fire that is gun violence in America. Now is the time for bold leadership and real action, not flip-flopping and backpedaling.

Arming more people and pouring even more guns into our schools will only escalate this epidemic. President Trump's latest proposal demonstrates his first priority is appeasing the NRA, not protecting our children and families.

President Trump's support of the Fix NICS Act represents some progress and I hope that Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell will quickly move forward with a vote on this important legislation, but it is far from sufficient.

The President's plan lacks many common sense and widely supported changes that will save American lives, such as:

Ensuring a background check on every gun sale, which is supported by more than 90 percent of Americans and 70 percent of the NRA's members;
A federal gun trafficking statute to target gunrunners who traffic 60 percent of crime guns into Chicago, largely from Indiana and Wisconsin;
Mechanisms to prevent dangerous individuals including domestic abusers, stalkers and individuals deemed a danger to themselves or others by friends and family from getting weapons; or
Research into the impacts of gun violence by the CDC and Surgeon General.
In Congress, I will continue fighting for real action that will stop gun violence and save American lives."

Notes: Congresswoman Kelly has introduced seven pieces of legislation to address and prevent gun violence in America. To date, all of these bills have been referred to committee by the Republican majority, which shows no interest in advancing them through the committee process. Read the Kelly Report on Gun Violence.