Letter to President Donald Trump - Walorski Urges President Trump to Remain in NAFTA, Modernize Agreement for 21st Century


Dear President Trump,

We write today to reaffirm the benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The effort you have led to modernize the agreement for the 21st century is incredibly important and, in combination with the historic tax cuts that you signed last year, has the potential to unleash the American economy unlike any other time before.

NAFTA provides the foundation for a strong North American economy that will allow us to compete -- and win -- against the rest of the world. Today, trade with Canada and Mexico stands at $1.3 trillion annually and supports 14 million jobs. Canada and Mexico are the biggest export destination for 37 states. Whether big or small, American manufacturers, farmers, and the services providers from across all sectors of our economy have benefited from NAFTA. For instance, from 1993 to 2016, agriculture exports to Canada and Mexico quadrupled from $8.9 billion to $38.1 billion.

While NAFTA has benefited American workers and businesses, the agreement now is over two decades old, and there is a clear opportunity to improve the agreement and modernize its rules to better address our 21st century economy. Enhanced market access, reduced bureaucratic red tape, expanded energy exports, and updated rules on digital trade, intellectual property rights, and regulatory standards -- all fully enforceable through binding dispute settlement -- will create certainty for American business, new opportunities for more American jobs, and more benefits to consumers.

Mr. President, your economic stewardship has triggered positive momentum that has not been seen in years. The recent historic tax cuts that you signed into law have delivered significant raises, bonuses, and better benefits for workers, as well as new investments at home in equipment and facilities. We can further improve economic opportunities for American consumers, workers, and job creators by remaining in NAFTA and modernizing the agreement.

We look forward to working with you and your Administration to realize our shared goal of a modernized NAFTA that will foster even greater economic success for Americans as we continue to compete and win around the world.