Tonko Secures Major Wins in House-Passed Budget


Date: March 22, 2018
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Paul D. Tonko issued the following statement after voting to adopt government funding legislation that delivers on many critical Capital Region and national priorities he worked directly to achieve through the end of Fiscal Year 2018:

After repeated delays and years of painful cuts, Republican leaders in Washington seem to have finally realized that their partisan crisis-driven governing does not serve the needs or best interests of the American people.

Today's bipartisan budget agreement reflects major priorities that my Democratic colleagues and I have been actively pushing for months to achieve, including major steps forward in combatting the opioid epidemic, addressing gun violence research, support for states to make urgent drinking water repairs and upgrades, mental health treatment and training, advances in clean energy research, improvements to our broadband Internet maps and America's transportation systems, and critical funding for proven safety net programs such as Head Start, home weatherization, community health centers, manufacturing growth, heritage areas, museums and libraries, and much more.

While I remain deeply concerned by blockbuster military spending increases and broader budgetary issues less than a year after Republicans voted to add some $2 trillion to the deficit to give tax breaks to the wealthy, this bill avoids foolish, costly and unpopular spending on a border wall and other misguided priorities that would do little to address the major issues with our border or our immigration system. Overall, the other priorities represented in this bill will help millions of Americans who are still being largely ignored and forgotten by this President and Republican leaders in Congress.

We still have a tremendous amount of work to do on these and other related issues, including securing universal background checks on all firearm sales and protections for undocumented individuals who were brought to America as children and now face deportation by this President. I remain determined to move these issues forward in the coming year.