Letter to his Exellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey - Release of Pastor Brunson


By: John Moolenaar, Roger Marshall, Larry Bucshon, Adam Kinzinger, Barry Loudermilk, Brian Mast, Doug Lamborn, Duncan Hunter, Doug LaMalfa, Martha McSally, Mo Brooks, Evan Jenkins, Glenn Grothman, Peter Welch, Bob Goodlatte, Bill Flores, Kay Granger, Jeb Hensarling, Louie Gohmert, Scott DesJarlais, Jeff Duncan, Thomas Suozzi, Greg Gianforte, Gregg Harper, Vicky Hartzler, Tom Emmer, Bill Huizenga, Andy Harris, Garret Graves, John Yarmuth, Rodney Davis, Jody Hice, Darren Soto, Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, French Hill, Liz Cheney, Cathy Rodgers, Chris Stewart, Kevin Brady, Marcy Kaptur, Warren Davidson, Bill Johnson, Gregory Meeks, Jacky Rosen, Albio Sires, Chris Smith, Carol Shea-Porter, Kevin Cramer, Mike Bishop, Jamie Raskin, John Sarbanes, Dutch Ruppersberger, Ralph Abraham, Mike Bost, Bobby Rush, David Scott, Ken Buck, Ted Lieu, Brad Sherman, Ro Khanna, Paul Cook, Tom Graves, Jr., Austin Scott, Trent Kelly, Jim Jordan, Mark Walker, John Duncan, Jr., Joe Wilson, Sr., Brett Guthrie, Rick Crawford, Randy Hultgren, Gene Green, Chuck Fleischmann, Dina Titus, Jim Banks, Lacy Clay, Jr., Dave Brat, Pete Sessions, Roger Williams, Pete Olson, John Ratcliffe, Phil Roe, Kristi Noem, Tom Rice, Lloyd Smucker, Keith Rothfus, GT Thompson, Jr., Scott Perry, Steve Russell, Brad Wenstrup, Claudia Tenney, Steve Pearce, Dave Trott, Tim Walberg, Kevin Yoder, Todd Rokita, Jackie Walorski, Peter Roskam, Steve King, Rob Woodall, Buddy Carter, Gus Bilirakis, Daniel Webster, Bill Posey, Ted Yoho, Scott Tipton, Dana Rohrabacher, Bruce Westerman, Gary Palmer, Mike Rogers, Alex Mooney, David McKinley, Lamar Smith, Michael McCaul, Ted Poe, Markwayne Mullin, Bob Latta, Doris Matsui, Don Beyer, Jr., Brian Babin, Jodey Arrington, Mike Conaway, Joe Barton, David Cicilline, Earl Blumenauer, Eliot Engel, Joe Crowley, Joshua Gottheimer, Annie Kuster, Ted Budd, Alma Adams, Mark Meadows, Robert Pittenger, Richard Hudson, Jr., David Rouzer, Virginia Foxx, David Price, Walter Jones, Jr., George Holding, Emanuel Cleaver II, Jim McGovern, Steve Scalise, Dan Lipinski, Rick Allen, Lois Frankel, Nanette Barragán, Ed Royce, Zoe Lofgren, Ruben Gallego, Andy Biggs, Robert Aderholt, G. K. Butterfield, Jr., Patrick McHenry
Date: May 7, 2018
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Dear Mr. President,

It has now been over a year and a half since Turkish authorities detained Pastor Andrew Brunson, a law-abiding American citizen resident in Turkey since 1993, for alleged involvement in terrorism.

Pastor Brunson's detention and formal arrest followed the Turkish government's imposition of a State of Emergency after a violent coup attempt in July 2016 rightly opposed by Turks across the political spectrum. The United States has condemned the coup and respects the legitimate efforts of the Turkish government to ensure its perpetrators face justice and the Turkish nation is protected from any repetition of the coup attempt. The Congress supports the ongoing efforts to strengthen law enforcement cooperation between U.S. agencies and their Turkish counterparts, including with regard to investigating alleged participants in the coup plot.

However, we are deeply disturbed that the Turkish government has gone beyond legitimate action against the coup plotters to undermine Turkey's own rule of law and democratic traditions. Under the State of Emergency, tens of thousands of Turkey's own citizens as well as some citizens of the United States and other countries have been arrested, dismissed from employment or otherwise seen their lives destroyed on vague charges and dubious evidence. These actions by the government of Turkey are inconsistent with the commitment to law and justice that have historically been hallmarks of Turkish democracy.

That the Turkish government has consistently ignored bipartisan expressions of concern from the Congress has also been cause for concern. Nonetheless, we chose to respect the working of the Turkish judicial system and await a just outcome.

On March 13, 2018, Turkish authorities issued an indictment alleging and purportedly detailing Pastor Brunson's offenses. It is an absurd collection of anonymous accusations, flights of fantasy, and random character assassination. It is an insult not only to an unjustly imprisoned individual, but to the traditions of Turkish jurisprudence. That a Turkish court could accept such a document as the basis for prosecution removes any shred of doubt that Andrew Brunson, as well as other American citizens and Turkish employees of the U.S. Government detained under the State of Emergency, is being used as a political pawn by elements of the Turkish government bent on destroying the longstanding partnership between two great nations. Moreover, the suggestion in the indictment that the actions of Pastor Brunson, to explain his religious convictions to others, were somehow meant to undermine the Turkish state brings a new and deeply disturbing dimension to the case. It should trouble all Turks justly proud of Turkey's centuries-old tradition of welcoming believers of all faiths.

The United States Government, and millions of Americans deeply concerned by the Brunson case, have been patient, in the hope that justice would be done and Pastor Brunson would be reunited with his family. The signatories of this letter have concluded that other measures will be necessary to ensure that the Government of Turkey respects the right of law-abiding citizens and employees of the United States to travel to, reside in, and work in Turkey without fear of persecution.