Issue Position: Gun Safety

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2020
Issues: Guns

We don't have to live this way; gun violence in America doesn't have to be inevitable. We can fix this. But if we truly want to save lives and protect our children, we need leaders who aren't afraid to take on the corporate gun lobby.

In Congress, I will fight for common-sense gun safety measures, including:

*Passing a ban on all military-style assault weapons;
*Raising the age to buy all firearms to 21;
*Requiring universal background checks on all gun sales;
*Equipping law enforcement with the tools they need to keep guns out of the hands of individuals who are dangers to themselves and others;
*Eliminating bump stocks, devices that convert semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons;
*Tightening regulations on high-capacity magazines;
*Closing the "boyfriend loophole" and stopping domestic abusers from owning and buying guns;
*Cracking down on illegal gun trafficking; and
*Repealing the Dickey Amendment to allow comprehensive research on gun violence and prevention.