Issue Position: Gun Violence Prevention

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2018
Issues: Guns

We must reject the idea that random, regular mass shootings are a part of American life that we must simply accept. We can and must do more. Gun violence in our country is also about more than mass shootings-- we have to do more to protect people across our country from gun violence. In Congress, I will fight for these common sense approaches to reducing gun violence:

Require background checks on every gun sale. Background checks save lives. Loopholes in our current laws allow felons, domestic abusers and the severely mentally ill to avoid background checks when buying guns through unlicensed sellers, often online, who are not required by federal law to run background checks. Background checks are the best way to ensure folks who are a danger to themselves or others, cannot buy firearms.
Keep guns out of the hands of the domestic abusers. A woman is five times more likely to die if a gun is present in a domestic violence situation. We must close all loopholes that allow abusive dating partners, abusive spouses and individuals who have been convicted of misdemeanor stalking to purchase guns.
Restore the Assault Weapons Ban and limit the capacity of ammunition clips. Assault weapons have been used in many of the mass shootings that have become all too commonplace in recent years. Weapons of war have no place in our streets in and our communities. We must make efforts to pass a comprehensive law that takes into account not only these weapons but also large capacity magazines that allow for mass shootings to be so lethal.
Support Red Flag laws. An individual deemed a risk to themselves or others should not have access to firearms. Guns are only used in 5% of all suicides, but are responsible for over half of all suicide deaths. Additionally, there are multiple examples of warning signs with individuals who have committed mass shootings. Red flag laws give family members and law enforcement officials the ability to temporarily restrict access to firearms to individuals who are at risk. This bipartisan solution can and will save lives.
Support firearm research. In the development of gun violence prevention policies it is critical to research the causes of gun violence. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must be able to perform research to solve this public health problem and provide much needed information to develop informed and researched policies and laws that address the problem.
Overturn Citizens United. I support legislative efforts including a constitutional amendment, to overturn Citizens United. This has been used to corrupt our politics with a flood of money from special interests including the gun lobby. In order to remove the undue influence of money in politics, we must put power back into the hands of the people.