MSNBC "All in with Chris Hayes" - Transcript: Russian Investigations



HAYES: Randomly invited. Republicans Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy are the only members of Congress in that meeting on Thursday along with the FBI Director, Director of National Intelligence and senior official from the Justice Department. Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono is a Democrat from Senate Judiciary Committee which has oversight of the Justice Department. What do you think about the fact this meeting will happen with no Democrats present?

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO (D-HI), SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: I think it`s ridiculous. And you know what, all facade of any kind of bipartisan objective inquiry is out the window with regard to the House and definitely with Chairman Nunes. So he`s totally compromised and he`s being a shield for the President. So we talk about the rule of law. The difference between a democracy and a totalitarian government is the rule of law. So you have a President Trump who has attacked the media. He`s gone after the -- gone after judges who don`t agree with him. He`s certainly going after the intelligence community, the FBI, Department of Justice. And these are the kinds of actions taken by people like Erdogan in Turkey, Duterte in the Philippines and, of course, Putin in Russia, all three dictators basically. The President very much admires them. So the rule of law with regard to this President is of no consequences. He does not respect the rule of law.

HAYES: Rod Rosenstein is the Deputy Attorney General, of course, is the person overseeing and supervising is the Mueller probe because Jeff Sessions is recused. The President was asked about his confidence in him today. I want to get your reaction what to what the President said.


HAYES: That`s by the way after a five-minute rant about a meeting that was happening over classified information with Devin Nunes. But what do you make of that reaction?

HIRONO: I think the President who started with a big lie that the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt is proceeding apace with that. And you know what, I think he is setting the stage for something to happen with regard to Rod Rosenstein. Maybe he`s a little bit assuaged because there`s a meeting going to occur which doesn`t make any sense especially as it is a meeting that involves Nunes who is already totally compromised so it`s all part of the plan to protect the President at all costs. And you know, with this President, it`s all about him every day all the time, every time.

HAYES: Should the meeting not happen?

HIRONO: It shouldn`t happen. And I`m really disappointed that Rod Rosenstein who up until now has said that the FBI cannot be coerced, et cetera, et cetera, that he`s doing this and disclosing -- I hope not disclosing confidential information to just one you know, Republican person and his mignons who have already indicated that they have no intention of supporting Bob Mueller and his investigation. So the whole thing is very questionable to me, but it is all of a piece to protect this president come what may.

HAYES: Can Devin Nunes be trusted with classified information at this point in your opinion?

HIRONO: Of course not. Of course, not. He`s totally compromised. And so his ranking member Adam Schiff has questioned this meeting. And of course, if they`re going to go ahead with the meeting, my goodness, you should have Democrats there. So the fact they don`t go through the charade of having anything objective coming out of this meeting or what they`re planning, I think it just shows that it`s all a plan to -- on behalf of President Trump and his big lie which is that the Mueller investigation is a witchhunt. And we already know that a witch hunt that produces all these indictments and all these guilty pleas, nothing could be further from the truth. And it just indicates a president who feels very much under the gun and he`s just flailing away. But you know what? He`s the President of the United States and he thinks that he can demand that the Department of Justice, which by the way he keeps calling "my department of justice", again no adherence to the rule of law at all.

HAYES: Let me ask you a final question since I have --

HIRONO: OK, I could keep -- I could keep going if I can do that.

HAYES: Well, since I have you here, I want to -- I want to ask you about this. You represent the great state of Hawaii which has been having -- you know, has been dealing with volcanic eruptions left and right. And since I do have you here, I want to ask how the state is coping, how your constituents are doing?

HIRONO: I visited with many of the people who were evacuated. Those who were at shelters this past Sunday to make sure that we were -- that I could hear what their concerns were, but there are about 12 federal agencies either on the ground or in communication with the first responders not to mention all of the state and county people who are basically 24/7 monitoring what`s going on with the air, with the volcanic flow, et cetera. So we`re doing everything we can to make sure that the people get the accurate information. And been by the way, there are not eruptions all over the place. It`s one part of one island. The big island. It is not the rest of the state.

HAYES: That sounds like the Senator that represents the state very dependent on tourism dollars, front of mind.

HIRONO: Well, it`s a fact. You know, it is a fact that the whole state is not being inundated by lava so let`s get the facts straight.

HAYES: OK, I hope -- I hope everyone is doing OK and visit Hawaii if you`re thinking of it.

HIRONO: We`ll do everything we can.

HAYES: Senator Mazie Hirono, thanks for your time.

HIRONO: Thank you. Aloha.