Fox News "The Ingraham Angle" - Transcript: Reps. Denham and Duffy on the GOP split on immigration



INGRAHAM: An immigration crisis might be brewing for House Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team. We told you last night that the House is just five GOP votes away from bringing several different DACA bills to the floor in a tactic to go around House leadership. GOP leaders fear the effort could cost the party control of the House in the midterm elections. Here to debate it, Republican Jeff Denham from California who supports the maneuver, and Republican Sean Duffy from Wisconsin who opposes it. All right, guys, we're not going to get into all the parliamentary tricks, queen of the hill and discharge petition, we will lose the whole audience. Congressman Denhem, you are really in favor of turning the House floor over to Nancy Pelosi to run this debate. Why?


INGRAHAM: The discharge petition, that's the maneuver, isn't it?

DENHAM: Yes. Which we have a Republican majority. We control all of the rules. The leader controls the floor debate. Paul Ryan has his own bill. The president has a bill. Goodlatte has a bill. And yes, the Democrats get a bill too. But ultimately we are going to do what the president is asking for him and give him border security because we cannot wait any longer -- every year that goes by, another half million people come across our southern border. So the eight years Sean and I have been in office together, that's 4 million people from doing nothing. It is time to act --

INGRAHAM: That sounds fantastic. He's practically building the wall himself over there. What is going on?

REP. SEAN DUFFY, R--WI: I think we want to get to the same spot. I don't like the tactic. Jeff knows that. I don't think that this petition is the way to go. It does I think turn the floor over to what is called queen of the hill. You put up four bills, the one that gets 218, which is a majority, is the one that passes. Here's the deal. We have a wide agreement on Trump's four pillars. That will pass. So Jeff will vote for that. The Freedom Caucus will vote for that. All we need is leadership to put the Trump bill up in the House. It will pass. It's easy.

INGRAHAM: I have a question for you two guys, smart guys. The Goodlatte bill is the right way to go. I know you're from the Central Valley and you're worried about the farmers and worried about those workers coming in. You have to stop this chain migration. That's a mass multiplier of immigration into the United States with distant relatives hopscotching into the country without merit, without basis of merit. Chain migration, got to build the wall and we've got to reform the asylum process. All that has to be done. And we've got to get rid of the visa lottery. That's all in the Goodlatte bill. Why are we having four bills? We don't need four bills.

DUFFY: We don't have the votes for Goodlatte.

INGRAHAM: That's despicable.

DUFFY: I would vote for Goodlatte. But here's the deal, Donald Trump said listen, I want to build a wall. All the other things come in on the backside. So let's come together, put $25 billion in, let's build the wall and make some other tweaks, stop chain migration, stop the visa lottery. We will deal with DACA. But that's a package that the president wants. It's very generous to the DACA kids but also gives us border security. And we can all vote for it. I don't know what is going to happen in the Senate.

DENHAM: I can't support the Goodlatte bill.

INGRAHAM: Why can't you support it? I'm just curious. Why?

DENHAM: Because so many people talk about extending amnesty. I did not support President Obama's executive order. I thought it was unconstitutional and I felt that Congress needs to do its job and actually needs to do real reform. And just doing an extension of Obama's policy three years at a time doesn't make any sense. If we're going to do this we need to make sure that we fix the wall and fix some of them problems, but also have a permanent fix.

INGRAHAM: You don't want to build the wall?

DENHAM: Absolutely I do.

INGRAHAM: You want to build the whole wall?

DENHAM: Yes, of course.

INGRAHAM: So the only problem you have with Goodlatte is the amnesty for it ends up being 800,000 I think, right, correct?

DENHAM: Yes. It is an extension of President Obama's executive order rather than dealing with this as the president has asked for.

INGRAHAM: Obama did not deal with chain migration, visa lottery, any of those things. With chain migration you immediately change the game with immigration.

DENHAM: True, but he did change the dynamic for these kids that have gone to our high schools and did it in an executive order unconstitutionally. If we are going to fix this because it's now an American problem because presidents of both parties have kicked this can down the road.

INGRAHAM: This will divide the party before the mid-term election.

DENHAM: This is what the president is asking for.

INGRAHAM: He wants the end of chain migration and he wants the wall built and he wants to end the visa lottery.

DENHAM: Every other day the president tweets something about this. Two weeks ago he said specifically if we do not have this done before the CR then he did not want to see the CR. He wants to make sure we actually have border security.

DUFFY: The problem with the DACA kids is if you don't end chain migration, all of the sudden the kids and the parents who brought them in illegally all of a sudden get legal status.

INGRAHAM: The parents are all staying. Let's be honest. They're all staying. No one is going home.

DUFFY: We actually have to fix that part of it when we deal with DACA as well. But the key here is Donald Trump ran on the wall. Let's build it, $25 billion. We all agree to that.

INGRAHAM: I think Congressman Denham is right. Donald Trump did not win on giving amnesty to the DACA kids. He won on border security, building the wall, and even Californians, the majority want deportations to go on. That Berkeley poll that came out the other day is devastating, 59 percent want somewhat important or very important to start deporting these people out.

DENHAM: But the president has also put the Democrats on notice on this issue as well. The Democrats had $42 billion out of the Senate and out of every Democrat in the House. I think it's time to put them to the test on this issue as well.

DUFFY: We want to deal with this issue. As Republicans we don't want to turn this over to the Nancy Pelosi. I don't think we will lose the House, but if we did, she'll deal with it. Let's deal with it as Republicans and a family solution. I don't think this is the right process. I think we should come together as a family and get it done outside of turning the floor to Nancy.

INGRAHAM: All right, guys, queen of the hill, kings of the Hill. Guys, great to have you on. And speaking of illegal immigrants, we have another shocking example of a suspected criminal put back on the streets instead of being turned over to immigration officials. You will not believe this, make your head spin, coming up.