Issue Position: Social Security & Medicare

Issue Position

We must keep our promise to America's seniors. Older Americans have spent their lives contributing to the system and expecting that guarantee for them in retirement. In Washington I will work to ensure that Social Security and Medicare continue to be viable programs that are stable and self-sufficient.

In 2010 for the first time in history Social Security spent more in payments than it received in receipts. Doing nothing in the long term will lead to a total collapse of the system and is completely unacceptable. Congress should work to preserve the benefits that those at or near retirement have planned their lives around, while also guaranteeing that future generations have the ability to control and plan for their eventual retirements.

In repealing Obamacare we will immediately overturn the $718 billion cut made to Medicare. Cutting the cost of doing business is critical, that includes addressing defensive medicine, malpractice reform, and increasing competition. Additionally allowing more consumer choice and competition across state lines will help to lower medical costs for all Americans.