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Issue Position: For the People

Issue Position

By: Andy Kim
By: Andy Kim
Date: Jan. 1, 2018

My wife and two trouble-making baby boys are my world. I am running for Congress to protect our families and give us every opportunity to provide strong and stable futures for our children.

Lowering Your Health Care and Prescription Drug Costs

Millions of Americans who live Paycheck to Paycheck are one accident or sickness away from disaster. My father suffered from polio as a child and my mother is a nurse who has served New Jersey residents for decades. They raised me to believe that staying healthy is essential to achieving the American Dream, and that no one in the richest, most powerful country in the world should die or go bankrupt because they can't afford to go to a doctor. Our current system has expanded coverage to millions of Americans, but it still falls far short and costs keep rising. We need a better way forward that provides affordable and accessible health care for all of us. Here is a good place to start:

Lower Prescription Drug Costs. The concern I've heard about the most while talking to people across New Jersey is the high price of prescription drugs. It is unacceptable that so many people are unable to afford the medications they need, and this needs to be addressed immediately. Congress must prioritize steps to reduce drug prices including allowing Medicare to directly negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical companies, requiring pricing transparency, and implementing safeguards against price gouging.

Get Everyone Covered. Our country, our economy, our security will be stronger when our people are healthier. Having millions of people without health insurance raises the costs for all of us. We need to ensure everyone, rich or poor, has access to quality affordable healthcare. This is our new moonshot, and we can save countless lives in the process.

Invest in Doctors, Nurses, and other Medical Professionals. A doctor in Toms River told me that we need health care that focuses on people instead of profits. I couldn't agree more. Every medical professional I talk to is focused on improving care for patients. We need to help train a new generation of professionals to ensure an adequate workforce. We also need reforms that transform the industry to reflect these providers' values that prioritize patient care, not just treating problems.

Permanently Fund Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). CHIP is part of our promise to our children and playing politics with their health is embarrassing and disrespectful. Let's never let CHIP expire again or worry about whether a child can get the care they need for a bright future.

Protect People with Pre-Existing Conditions. Tom MacArthur single-handedly revived TrumpCare by authoring legislation that would have made it harder for people with cancer, heart disease, and other pre-existing conditions to get the care they need. I will never vote for any legislation that makes it harder for those that need the care the most to get it.

Expand Veteran Care. A veteran should never have to travel far to find care or wait too long to receive treatment. I owe my life to the armed servicemen and women who kept me safe in Afghanistan. I will always stand by them.

Support Community Health Centers, especially in Rural Areas. Community health centers are key assets in our communities and they need funding and support to provide vital healthcare services, especially in underserved areas such as rural communities.

Protecting Our Families and Communities From Crises

➜ Protect Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. I will never take our Joint Base for granted. We all know how quickly the future of bases can change. I'm committed to protecting and supporting the Joint Base and will seek to serve on the House Armed Services Committee. As a former adviser to Generals Petraeus and John Allen in Afghanistan and as a former Pentagon official, I will be a strong champion for the base, our armed service men and women, and our veterans.

➜ End Veteran Homelessness and Increase Health Support. With tens of thousands of veterans in our district, we need to expand veteran services, especially access to VA health facilities and programs. I will also prioritize efforts to make sure no veteran in New Jersey or across the country has to sleep on the streets. The words "veteran" and "homeless" should never appear in the same sentence.

➜ Protect Against National Security Threats. My children are growing up in a world more dangerous than the one I grew up in. The threat of nuclear weapons has returned, and instability and conflict affect every corner of the globe. As a career public servant and national security expert, I will be a champion in Congress for a strong, responsible, and strategic national security operation that focuses on defense, but also diplomacy and development.

➜ Recover from Superstorm Sandy and Prepare for the Next One. Too many people are still struggling to recover after Sandy. After what we saw in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico, we know it is only a matter of time before we get hit again. We are not ready. We need help people in New Jersey to mitigate risks by raising the height of homes and protecting our communities, stop Tom MacArthur from making changes to the National Flood Insurance Plan that would gut spending for flood maps and be a boon for the same private insurance companies that underpaid Sandy families and allow them to cherry pick who they cover.

➜ Stop Offshore Drilling. The Trump Administration's recent decision to open New Jersey's coast to offshore drilling is a threat to our way of life. Our beautiful shores, our home values, our recreational and commercial fishing industries, and our local businesses are in dire risk. I will relentlessly fight back against these threats with no compromise.

➜ Treat the Opioid Epidemic as a National Security Crisis. Our leaders in Washington aren't doing enough to address the devastation of opioids. 142 Americans die every day. This is a national security crisis that takes more lives than any war or conflict that we are engaged in, but President Trump and Tom MacArthur aren't treating it with the seriousness it needs. We need a real national strategy and full funding to stem the tide.

➜ Respond to Climate Change as a National Security Crisis. If President Trump, Tom MacArthur, and Scott Pruitt won't lead on protecting us from the dangers of climate change, I will. Exiting the Paris Climate Agreement and gutting the Environmental Protection Agency are hurting all of us. I will push to enact legislation and take actions to once again give us clean air to breathe and clean water to drink and work to protect our shores from rising seas.