Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2018
Issues: Senior Citizens

Medicare and Social Security

I am committed to protecting our seniors and preserving the programs that have kept so many healthy and out of poverty. I am opposed to any plan that dismantles Medicare and the guarantee of health insurance for our seniors.

I am also opposed to any effort to privatize Social Security or reduce benefits for current retirees. I strongly oppose using the Chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) to calculate cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for Social Security Benefits. While the budgetary challenges we face are serious, we should not be balancing the budget on the backs of seniors.

H. Res. 34

Expresses the sense of Congress that Chained CPI should not be used to calculate cost-of-living-adjustments for Social Security benefits.

No Loopholes in Social Security Taxes Act

This bill would increase the amount of income subject to the Social Security tax from $113,700 to $250,000.

Social Security Fairness Act

This bill would repeal the government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions.

I OPPOSED H. Con. Res. 25 and 96

These budgets would end Medicare as we know it, repeal the benefits of the Affordable Care Act -- including preventive services for seniors -- impose drastic spending cuts, and give massive tax reductions for corporations and upper-income persons.

In Congress I support:

Raising the cap to increase the amount of income subject to the Social Security tax from $113,700 to $250,000

Fighting Medicare fraud to realize savings