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Letter to President Donald Trump - Recommends Judge Allison Eid to Fill Kennedy Seat


Date: June 28, 2018
Issues: Judicial Branch

Dear Mr. President:

With Justice Kennedy's announced retirement, you have the extraordinary opportunity to appoint a second Supreme Court Justice in as many years. I need not reiterate the importance of this opportunity to shape the future of American jurisprudence or the role such nominations played in leading many voters to choose you, first, as the Republican nominee and, then, as President. Few presidents have been able to make their mark on our courts the way you will.

I have no doubt that the mark you leave will reflect your principled belief in a conservative, restrained, originalist interpretation of the Constitution. Your judicial nominations to date have made clear your commitment is more than campaign rhetoric- and our courts are better for it.

While there are many high-caliber candidates, I know one jurist that will ensure your mark is unambiguously aligned with your judicial philosophy: United States Court of Appeals Judge Allison Eid. I have known Judge Eid for nearly two decades. She is smart, principled, savvy, hard-working, and dedicated to upholding the Constitution our Founders created. She is a superb jurist, with more than 10 years of service on the Colorado Supreme Court in addition to her time on the Tenth Circuit following your appointment. That service provides a track record of consistent, conservative decisions. Between that track record and my first-hand experience, I am confident that no one is more capable to ensure that your mark on American jurisprudence will make the Court and our Nation stronger.

I strongly urge you to nominate Judge Allison Eid, and I stand ready to help in any way I can.