Russia's Military

Floor Speech

Date: July 11, 2018
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Foreign Affairs


Mr. DUNCAN of Tennessee. Mr. Speaker, I voted for the first Gulf war many years ago because our leaders at that time said Saddam Hussein was the greatest threat since Hitler and told us all about Hussein's powerful, elite troops.

I then saw these same elite troops surrender to CNN camera crews and empty tanks. I realized then, and many times since, that the threats had been and continue to be greatly exaggerated. For this and many other reasons, I voted against the second Gulf war in 2002.

Most of these threats are more about money and power than they are about real danger to the U.S. They also seem to be because many of our leaders seem to be a little too eager to go to war and want to be new Winston Churchills and prove how tough they are, how patriotic, and how they are great leaders. Mr. Speaker, it is certainly not patriotic at all to send young Americans to fight very unnecessary wars.

With these thoughts as background, I would like to read part of conservative syndicated columnist Eric Margolis' most recent column.

First, let me say that President Trump is correct in saying that NATO countries should not continue to expect the U.S. to pay for their defense needs.

Mr. Margolis' column, in part, is as follows:


Mr. Speaker, that is from the Margolis column, and I hope that Members in this Congress will keep those words in mind.