Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Eighth and Final Education Budget in Support of Michigan Students

Press Release

Date: June 28, 2018
Location: Ypsilanti, MI

Gov. Rick Snyder signed the fiscal year 2019 Education Omnibus budget into law today, which included funding for the largest increase in the minimum K-12 foundation allowance in more than 15 years. Today's signing of the $16.8 billion education budget marks the eighth straight year that education funding has been completed well in advance of the required deadline, giving schools the time and information needed to build their budgets.

"I am proud of the strong support we have provided to students across Michigan, including $2.1 billion in additional funding for K-12 education since I took office," Snyder said. "Michigan's future depends largely on the success of our students in both the K-12 system, as well as our colleges and universities. Coupled with the Marshall Plan for Talent, this funding continues to provide Michigan students with pathways to successful outcomes."

House Bill 5579, sponsored by Rep. Tim Kelly, provides $16.8 billion in state funding for the upcoming fiscal year.

With this budget's $120 to $240 per-pupil increase in K-12 schools, more great progress has been made in shrinking the equity gap between those schools at the minimum and maximum foundation allowance. In fiscal year 2012, per-pupil funding was set at $6,846 for schools at the minimum allowance and $8,019 for schools at the maximum allowance, a gap of $1,173. The budget signed today sets per-pupil funding at $7,871 for those schools at the minimum allowance and $8,409 for schools at the maximum allowance, a gap of just $538. This means that the gap between schools at the top and bottom has been cut by 54 percent in the last eight years, providing for a more equitable distribution of funding.

"Together with our legislative partners we've been able to provide another year of strong support for our schools," State Budget Director John Walsh said. "The increase in the foundation allowance along with the increased support for higher education gives our entire P-20 system the funding needed for success."

University funding will see a 2-percent increase in the FY2019 budget to provide students with greater access to higher education opportunities.

"Our strong track record in support of education has been impressive and this increased level of funding just adds more fuel to Michigan's comeback," said Lt. Gov. Brian Calley. "It's been a privilege to be part of the team that has accomplished so much through these eight budgets."

Gov. Snyder's relentless support for K-12 education is also made clear with additional funding for those students in career and technical training programs. Up to a $50 investment per high school student enrolled in a career and technical training program is included in the budget.

In addition, to benefit Michigan's 200,000 children with special needs, $1.4 billion is included to provide them with critical services and support. Another $5 million in new funding supports the Early On program to help identify and address learning needs as soon as possible.

Last week, Gov. Snyder signed the General Omnibus budget into law for the funding of state government operations, meaning that the state's entire $56.8 billion budget is now enacted.

The governor today also signed HB 5142, sponsored by state Rep. Robert Kosowski, which amends the state School Aid Act to make clear that noncertified individuals teaching under PA 235 of 2018 will not reduce state aid to the school.

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HB 5579 is now Public Act 265 of 2018 and HB 5142 is now Public Act 266 of 2018.