Issue Position: Homeland Security, National Security, Veterans

Issue Position

Congresswoman Johnson is an ardent supporter of homeland security and a strong national defense.

She has traveled to Iraq to meet with our troops and military leaders on several occasions. She has consistently voted for better equipment and protection for our brave men and women despite her opposition to the Iraq War.

Congresswoman Johnson also understands the need to protect the transportation and infrastructure of Texas and America at large from terrorist attacks and has worked hard to ensure that adequate resources are made available to state and local governments.

Congresswoman Johnson has always been a supporter of first responders who protect our community, and she has worked to ensure that law enforcement officials, fire fighters, police, as well as emergency response personnel have the equipment and training they need in the event of an emergency. For example, Congresswoman Johnson strongly supports the Community Oriented Policing (COPS) program, which has aided the Dallas Police Department with equipment, technology, and personnel to combat local crime.

As the senior Texan on the Transportation Committee, Eddie Bernice Johnson held the first town hall meetings in the DFW region on Homeland Security, addressing the needs of first responders. The Congresswoman examined how the federal government could better assist state and local governments with the consequences of chemical, biological, and nuclear disasters, and domestic terrorism.

For our veterans, Congresswoman Johnson's commitment is unwavering. She has consistently supported increased funding for veterans healthcare, cost of living increases for Veterans Administration benefits, and fought to ensure that Dallas VA facilities remain a reliable and convenient place for our North Texas veterans to attend their medical needs.