Issue Position: International Relations, Trade, Peace

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2020

Congresswoman Johnson is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in democracy, good governance, and human rights. She was one of the first members of Congress to visit Iraq and meet with the U.S. Armed Forces personnel stationed in Baghdad.

Congresswoman Johnson has led the way in Congress to protect the lives and rights of women and children during war, conflict and its aftermath. She has introduced numerous resolutions on the role of women in war and post conflict situations. Her resolutions seek to ensure economic rights and empowerment as important steps toward equal rights all over the globe. She has held national and international peace discussion forums to promote the productive exchange of ideas and experiences among women of all ethnic and national communities. The Congresswoman believes that the children of the world deserve to inherit a culture of peace; a lengthy process, where the results are not visible overnight, but long overdue.

Congresswoman Johnson bases her votes on the foreign policy specific resolutions on the notion that dialogue and engagement are the first steps toward non-violent conflict resolution.

Congresswoman Johnson supports our troops by working to bring them home safely, as soon as possible.

Congresswoman Johnson believes the tragedy in Darfur has gone on far too long.
She has joined colleagues in Congress to pass sanctions against the Sudanese government, encourage international companies to divest from Sudan, and pushing for greater international intervention to bring an end to the crisis.

Congresswoman Johnson knows that trade policies combined with a comprehensive national workforce focused agenda will ensure continued U.S .
leadership in fast growing industries. She continues to look for ways to balance economic policies with the necessary safety nets that will help American workers adjust to the global economy. She supports legislation that guarantees health insurance for all dislocated workers, ensures portable pensions, and lowers college tuition particularly for families that are experiencing economic hardship.