Steve Pearce Announces Plan to Improve Road Safety in SE New Mexico


Date: Aug. 17, 2018
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Issues: Transportation

Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor of New Mexico, announced his plan to improve road safety in southeastern New Mexico by partnering with companies to construct private toll roads for commercial and oil and gas traffic. Pearce met with local business and community leaders in Carlsbad to announce his plan.

"We have all heard the tragic stories of accidents on our highways in southeastern New Mexico," said Pearce. "The roads are overcrowded and stressed beyond capacity, creating an unsafe situation for our New Mexico families and workers.

"People have observed correctly that the state should bear the cost of these roads, but the reality is that the political environment is weighted to the large population centers, and the problem is so severe we cannot wait the years that would be required to solve the problem with public funds.

"So I am announcing my full intent to work with the major investors in the energy sector to build and maintain a system of toll roads in southeast New Mexico. This plan will safely separate the commercial traffic from the rest of the traffic. The toll roads will be financed by companies on a voluntary basis. In this way we can continue to unleash prosperity through the tremendous growth of the oil and gas industry while ensuring New Mexico families, tourists, and cross country travelers are protected and can enjoy the safe roads they deserve.

"Steve Pearce will work to secure commitments immediately after the election from companies to completely finance and build the new toll roads in Lea and Eddy counties. The tolls will be used to maintain the roads and to recoup the companies' investments. Taxpayer dollars will not be used, and in fact, these investments made by the companies will save tax dollars through reduced wear and tear on our public roads."