Steve Pearce Calls for Bipartisan Fix to New Mexico Law on Pretrial Release of Violent Offenders and Flight Risks


Date: Aug. 17, 2018
Location: Albuquerque, NM

Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, announced today he is calling on both parties to come together to change New Mexico law to prevent dangerous offenders from pretrial release. Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

"Our nation and our state have seen far too many preventable crimes where law enforcement failed to act. Recently, in Taos County, law enforcement did act to protect children and safeguard the community. The courts, however, ordered that they be released back into the community. The allegations in the case are horrifying, including the unexplained death of a child, child abuse, and terrorism. To millions of Americans, including me, it is unfathomable that those defendants would be released into the community.

"Sadly, the commune case is not the only one like it. Across New Mexico the courts' definition of "dangerous' is proving much different than that of the people of New Mexico. As a result, we are seeing cases in which individuals accused of killing children such as in the case of State v. Ricardo Soto in Lincoln County, and numerous other offenders, being released with minimal bond and limited supervision.

"This situation cannot go on. We must change our laws on pretrial release of violent offenders. Today, I am calling on both parties to come together to fix the state Constitution to both protect due process and the innocent and also protect our communities. Let's be clear. Every accused individual deserves their day in court but there is no excuse for truly dangerous individuals facing charges as serious as murder to be released into the community.

"The state of New Mexico needs to be able to hold people who pose a significant flight risk without bond and we, the people, should provide the courts with what we mean by "dangerous.' Judicial interpretation cannot continue to take the most extreme and lenient position to override the will of the people and compromise the safety of New Mexico communities, as it is under the current system. Let's fix this problem now with both parties working together for public safety and justice."