Issue Position: Life

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2018
Issues: Abortion

As a Christian and a mother, I believe in a culture that values and nurtures all life from birth to natural death. As your Congresswoman, I will protect the life of the unborn and also the life and health of the mother. I oppose tax-payer funding for late-term abortions. I understand that, in some cases, the termination of a pregnancy--ectopic pregnancy, rape, and incest, may dangerously affect the health of the mother as determined by her physician. My votes will consistently protect life, and I will work to ensure that abortions become the exception, not the rule. We must oppose the culture of death. I do understand that, sometimes, difficult and painful decisions will have to be made which might lead to the termination of a pregnancy.
Likewise, I will always stand by the elderly and work so that as they enter their golden years, they do so with the dignity, care and support they so greatly deserve. Ensuring their quality of life will always be one of my highest priorities as your Congresswoman.