Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau voice support for proposals to address critical environmental needs

Press Release

Date: Aug. 30, 2018
Location: Lansing, MI

Gov. Rick Snyder today was joined by Michigan Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Rich Studley and Michigan Farm Bureau President Carl Bednarski as they voiced their organizations' support for proposals that prioritize smart environmental and water infrastructure investments to protect Michigan's environment and public health.

"I thank the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau for their strong support in implementing a long-term plan that protects Michigan's environment and public health," Snyder said. "I appreciate Rich and Carl showing their support today and look forward to working with our legislative partners on the passage of these important bills."

Earlier this year, Gov. Snyder introduced proposals to address Michigan's critical environmental needs for brownfield site clean-up -- including emerging contaminants like PFAS -- waste management, and recycling, as well as to increase investments for critical repairs and replacements to water and sewer infrastructure across the state. SB 943, sponsored by Sen. Mike Nofs, and HB 5898, sponsored by Rep. Larry Inman, were introduced in April, supporting the Governor's proposals.

"Investing in Michigan's environmental infrastructure is good for all Michiganders," Studley said. "We agree with Governor Snyder that the state of Michigan needs to invest more and more wisely in brownfield site clean-up and water infrastructure improvements. The sooner we work together to address these pressing issues, the less expensive it will be to fix problems. As a state, we need to be making strategic decisions on how to fund the cleanup of contaminated sites as well as make regular investments in water infrastructure to prevent expensive emergencies."

"Michigan farmers are the original caretakers of the land and water resources and we pride ourselves as being good stewards to produce a safe and abundant food supply," Bednarski said. "Michigan Farm Bureau applauds the Governor and the Legislature for focusing efforts on recycling and clean-up programs and to address critical water infrastructure and we look forward to working with the administration and Legislature to get these policies implemented."