Neal Statement on U.S.-Mexico Trade Announcement


Date: Aug. 28, 2018
Location: Springfield, MA

Ways & Means Committee Ranking Member Richard Neal (D-MA) released the following statement after the Trump Administration announced it had resolved bilateral matters with Mexico in the ongoing renegotiation of NAFTA and would resume discussions with Canada:

"A lot of important work remains to be done in the NAFTA renegotiation. The Administration and Mexico now must focus on their discussions with Canada in order to reach an actual, final agreement to modernize and fix the flaws in the original NAFTA. I would also suggest the Trump Administration not circumvent Congress, but consult closely with Ways and Means members and other members of both the House and the Senate as this process proceeds so that the committee with jurisdiction over trade matters and the institution with constitutional authority over trade remain fully engaged in future developments.

"Fundamental to modernizing and fixing the original NAFTA's shortcomings is making the agreement's obligations both enforceable and enforced. Otherwise, the efforts of the past year risk amounting to little more than re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."