Steve Pearce Statement on Arrest of Taos Compound Suspects by Federal Authorities


Date: Sept. 1, 2018
Location: Albuquerque, NM

Steve Pearce, candidate for Governor, today issued the following statement on U.S. Attorney John Anderson bringing charges against the Taos compound suspects:

"I applaud U.S. Attorney John Anderson and federal authorities for the arrest of the Taos compound suspects. As I have said, public officials must do their jobs and when our state officials prove incapable of fulfilling their basic duties, federal authorities must act to protect the children and communities of New Mexico. The state and the nation have been disgusted by the incompetence displayed by the Taos District Attorney and I renew my call for his resignation. It is my hope that going forward federal authorities and officers of the court will follow every procedure to the letter of the law to bring justice in this case and protect the people of our state."