Issue Position: Healthcare

Issue Position

Chris supports universal healthcare and will work to ensure everyone has quality, affordable health care coverage. The Affordable Care Act was a significant step forward, and we must stop Republican attempts to sabotage it and repeal it outright.

As a member of the Executive Council, Chris worked with then-Governor Maggie Hassan and provided the pivotal vote to begin implementing the state's Medicaid expansion program which now insures more than 50,000 Granite Staters. As a business owner, he provided health insurance to his employees long before it was required by the ACA, because it's the right thing to do. Chris will oppose efforts to play politics with Americans' health care and will look for opportunities to improve access, lower out of pocket costs, and make coverage universal. In Congress, Chris will:

Take on Donald Trump and Washington insiders who want to repeal the ACA and in turn kick millions of people off their health insurance; raise premiums; and hurt families, women, men, seniors, and individuals with disabilities

Support legislation that allows Americans and businesses to opt into the Medicare system for their health care coverage

Support a public option for health care exchanges

Lower the cost of prescription drugs by supporting efforts to end special tax breaks for pharmaceutical companies, allow Americans to purchase low-cost prescription drugs from Canada, increase drug pricing transparency, and allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices

Support funding for New Hampshire's community health centers