Rokita Statement on Senate Confrimation of Brett Kavanaugh for United States Supreme Court


Date: Oct. 6, 2018
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Judicial Branch

Congressman Todd Rokita issues this statement following the Senate's vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as an Associate Justice for the United States Supreme Court.

"The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a victory for the rule of law. Judge Kavanaugh is a Constitutional textualist who will interpret the law as it is written and will serve honestly and faithfully on our nation's highest Court. The rule of law is most important because it's the cornerstone of our American Exceptionalism, responsible for the highest quality of life, but not found in many places around the world. The entire Democratic Party attempted to take away the rule of law from the American people throughout this entire process because they are terrified that Judge Kavanaugh won't be a "political" judge who simply complies with their ideology. Despite the baseless attempts by the Democrats to derail this confirmation and slander Judge Kavanaugh, due process prevailed. I have unwavering confidence that Judge Kavanaugh will serve the Court with the highest integrity for years to come."