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Rep. Brat Releases Statement Explaining His "No' Vote on Cromnibus

Press Release

Date: Sept. 26, 2018
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Brat, co-chair of the Waste-Cutters Caucus and member of the Budget Committee, released a statement explaining why he voted "NO' on H.R. 6157. Brat cited too much spending and lack of wall funding as reasons why the spending package did not receive his support.

"In March, I voted no on a massive spending package that contained unacceptably high spending levels. I explained then that Republicans had called for spending to remain constant, except for an appropriate increase for defense spending to get our military rebuilt. But, in order to get nine Senate Democrats to agree to pass the bill, Congress increased spending over $400 billion. I could not support it when we were already over $21 trillion in debt.

"Now, we are in a similar situation. Rather than go back and fix last year's mistake, this bill locks in the $400 billion increase and actually increases spending on non-defense programs by another $1 billion. That is $10 billion more than the administration requested. This is unacceptable.

"I support funding our military and giving our service men and women a raise. But this is another example of a "bipartisan' deal that is good for the swamp and bad for future generations who have to pay for it.

"Even worse, Republicans ran on a promise to increase border security funding and building a wall, yet we still have not delivered on that promise. It is time we do so."