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Rep. Brat Votes For Additional Economic Growth

Press Release

Date: Sept. 27, 2018
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Dave Brat, voted to approve the Family Savings Act (H.R. 6757) and the American Innovation Act (H.R. 6756). After these measures were passed in the House, Rep. Brat released the following statement:

"The Republican agenda is battle-tested. It's proven," said Rep. Dave Brat. "Lower taxes, more savings and fewer unnecessary regulations means more jobs, more growth, more pay. Today, we voted on two pieces of legislation to put more money back in the hands of people who best know how to spend it. Democrats, again, failed to support the measures, signaling they want more money to flow into the swamp and go back to the policies that caused the economic stagnation we saw under the Obama years.

"This legislation would provide tax relief to American families who want to save money and plan for the future as well as provide tax relief to entrepreneurs who would like expand their businesses."

The Family Savings Act, H.R. 6757, includes language that would allow for Universal Savings Account, a popular idea contained within a piece of legislation Rep. Dave Brat introduced last year (H.R. 937). Universal Savings Accounts are designed to offer Americans an improved version of Roth IRAs so they can save money more effectively and achieve economic prosperity and independence. Britain and Canada have similar offerings, and they are extremely popular with people of all ages and incomes.