Does Malinowski Agree with Running Mate that Sanctuary Cities "Can Work"?

Press Release

Date: Oct. 1, 2018
Location: Westfield, NJ

Yesterday, it was revealed that Warren County Freeholder Candidate John Massaro, running mate to 7th District Democrat Tom Malinowski, made comments on WRNJ in favor of sanctuary states and cities.

When host Chuck Haytaian asked Massaro about whether he had a problem with sanctuary states and cities, Massaro responded that he had no problem with sanctuary states and cities. Massaro then doubled down saying, "I think sanctuary can work".

Yet, Tom Malinowski has remained silent on his running mates remarks.

"The choice for 7th district voters is abundantly clear," said Lance Campaign Manager Jim Hilk. "A vote for Tom Malinowski is a vote for sanctuary cities. If elected, Tom Malinowski will stand with the likes of John Massaro, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi to defend and empower communities that ignore federal law."

Leonard Lance has consistently opposed sanctuary cities. He supported the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act to restrict federal funding from municipalities that withhold information from federal authorities.