Pearce Introduces Bill to Reauthorize Necessary Grazing Bill


Date: Oct. 19, 2018
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Pearce Introduced H.R. 7074 in the House of Representatives today to reauthorize Grazing Advisory Boards that were created under Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA).

"When the FLPMA was originally introduced decades ago, it was only authorized to be in effect for a decade. Since then, there has been no reauthorization of the Grazing Advisory Board. This bill introduced today will reinstate the FLPMA for another ten years, in order for ranchers to provide their own advice to the Forrest Service on management. It is becoming increasingly more important for communities to be more aware of decisions made by federal agencies where they can better advise what is best for the land they know so well. This bill is a step toward cutting the red tape on regulations provided by the federal government. I was pleased to receive numerous letters of support from various entities throughout New Mexico who also look forward to handing more power back to the people of New Mexico," said Pearce.

"We believe that many of the problems we are facing with these federal land management agencies stems from the lack of contact with allotment owners on the ground. Grazing Advisory Boards used to be a place for ranchers to work with the BLM and the USFS. We simply don't have that connection any more," said in a letter from the New Mexico Cattle Grower's Association.

Letters of support were also received from the New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, New Mexico Wool Growers, and the New Mexico Federal Lands Council.