Issue Position: Washington Accountability

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2018

Mississippi's citizens face enough challenges without having the deck stacked against them.

Mississippi needs a government that will put people over politics and fairness over self-interest, Citizen's tax dollars should be spent on needed services and programs, not on personal trips or fancy furniture. Laws against waste, fraud, and corruption are to protect the American citizenry and should be dutifully applied and enforced.

Washington's incredible wastefulness of tax dollars is abhorrent to any sense of fairness or rational thinking. In addition, by using their Washington influence, Wall Street seems immune from any restraint or accountability for its actions, even when they unfairly treat millions of hard-working citizens.

Tax cuts were given to corporations to drive the economy with increased jobs and salaries, and yet Mississippi has seen virtually none of these intended benefits. These tax cuts improved corporations' bottom line, but there has not been the trickle down that was promised.