Woodall Statement Regarding Ongoing Election Work


Date: Nov. 13, 2018
Location: Suwanee, Ga

Representative Rob Woodall (GA-07) released a statement regarding the ongoing election work and pending legal action:
"As I said over and over since Tuesday night, we have honest public servants--both Republicans and Democrats--in Gwinnett's Voter Registration and Elections Office to ensure election integrity, and we should let them do their job. Year after year, these men and women work diligently to guarantee that all Gwinnettians can trust the outcome of elections, and year after year, both parties have united and accepted the outcome. It is disappointing that those, who in hopes of changing the election result, have gone to federal court to try to overrule our local, bipartisan officials. It is not lost on anyone that there are two counties in my district, and no one is filing a lawsuit to try to find more votes in the more conservative one. If federal judges rather than bipartisan election boards become the arbiter of local elections, all in our community will be the lesser for it. "