Prematurity Research Expansion and Education for Mothers Who Deliver Infants Early Reauthorization Act of 2018

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 11, 2018
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LANCE. Mr. Speaker, I thank the chairman for his leadership on this issue.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in very strong support of the PREEMIE Reauthorization Act. My partner in this effort over several years has been the distinguished Congresswoman from California, Anna Eshoo.

There may be no greater calling than to help infants thrive in the early days of their lives. Working together and getting this legislation signed into law is a matter of essential importance. This is good and important work and the kind of positive difference Federal efforts can make in the lives of many.

We have a tremendous partner in the March of Dimes. For many families, the March of Dimes and its network and advocates across the country are beacons of light at dark moments. I thank the March of Dimes and their supporters for being the great defenders and fighters for mothers and for their infants.

This legislation will keep up the momentum to help pregnant women. We need to reauthorize the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's research and data collection efforts and improve the Health Resources and Services Administration. Doctors and the public need to have the best information and care options available, and this bill does that.

Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Eshoo), the cosponsor of this bill and a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Health Subcommittee.