Marino Reintroduces Bills to Ensure Responsible and Transparent Lawmaking


Date: Jan. 4, 2019
Location: Washington, DC

Each term, Rep. Tom Marino (PA-12) introduces legislation aimed at refocusing Washington and ensuring government operates in its purest form -- for the people, by the people. These reforms include single subject legislation to ensure transparency in lawmaking and term limits of 12 years for Members of Congress.

Rep. Marino issued the following statement regarding the introduction of these two bills:

"No matter where I travel in the United States, I always hear the same thing -- the American people are fed up with business as usual and career politicians taking the lead in Washington. Too many hardworking taxpayers felt forgotten by our government and they came out in historical numbers to elect an outsider as President of the United States. These bills help return our government to one truly for the people, by the people. It is well past time we get Washington back to work for the American people."

This week, Rep. Marino reintroduced the following:

H.J. Res 15, An amendment to the Constitution of the United States to end the practice of including more than one subject in a single law by requiring that each law enacted by Congress be limited to only one subject and that the subject be clearly and descriptively expressed in the title of the law

"Today's legislation becomes so bogged down with added amendments and agendas that the original intent of the bill is often lost entirely. If members of Congress can barely keep up with the ever-changing additions, it can only be assumed their constituents are being deprived of the information they need. We must simplify our legislative process and offer clear, transparent solutions to better serve the American people," Marino stated.

H.J. Res. 16, An amendment to the United States Constitution capping the amount of time a representative or senator can serve in in Congress at 12 years

"I have long said that if you cannot accomplish what you set out to do in 12 years, then you should not be in office. Members of Congress should be afforded sufficient time to make real change, but also be limited so new blood with new ideas can come to Washington. The era of the career politician is coming to an end and it is time our electoral process and our Congress reflect that," Marino stated.