Congressman Aderholt Statement on President Trump's Address to the Nation on Border Security


Date: Jan. 8, 2019
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04) tonight released the following statement after President Trump addressed the nation on the need for more comprehensive border security measures, including a wall along the southern border.

"President Trump's request for funding to build a wall along our southern border is not only reasonable, it is desperately needed. There is nothing "immoral" about a nation choosing to protect its borders and thereby protect its sovereignty.

"What is immoral is to continue to allow a constant stream of drug traffickers, and human traffickers into the country. It is immoral to allow this unlawful door to remain open, because it encourages adults to put their children in grave danger -- both from illness and from the strangers who transport them.

"I fear that many of my Democrat colleagues are willing to set aside the laws of our land, and that is what we are talking about: immigration is governed by laws, to ensure fairness and safety. Many Democrats are willing to set aside these laws, and turn a blind eye to the dangers coming into our nation, for the prospect of future electoral gains.

"I urge my colleagues in Congress to fund the border wall and to reopen our government."